Quick Post: ZipGrade

Another quick post about a tool that’s making my life a little easier this year.

At the start of this year, another math teacher in my grade decided to start making some of his quizzes multiple choice.  While neither me nor said teacher is the biggest fan of the level of rigor that’s possible with multiple choice, these quizzes have been a nice change of pace and a way to build some self-correction into the quiz taking process.  I’ve also been using some multiple choice activities are partner practice and using the tool I’ll describe to check student progress.  In addition, the quizzes have been a way to save time thanks to the app both of us have been using to grade.

ZipGrade is a free app for Apple and Android, but a annual subscription is needed if you end up scanning more than 100 papers.  On the full website, it’s easy to type or upload class rosters and print bubble sheets.  I’ve been using the ID numbers the website generates, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be too much trouble to change the ID numbers to match school-issued numbers. Blank bubble sheets can be printed from the site, but I’ve been printing the bubble sheets from my classes so student names and generated IDs are prefilled.

On the app, the menu offers the ability to create quizzes and manage classes.  In the quiz menu, all you have to do is create a multiple choice key for a new quiz and choose the classes for the quiz.  When you’re ready to scan, hit scan papers.

After lining up a bubble sheet with the phone camera, the app takes a photo of the page and scores the paper using the key.  I tend to review the papers, which gives a snap shot with the correct and incorrect marked (see below).

What I’ve found helpful with this feature is the ability to immediately pinpoint which problems students missed.  When I’ve been using multiple choice activities for partner practice, I’ve used this feature to let students know what to revise or provide scaffolding with specific topics if a certain mistake is being repeated.

Another feature of the app I appreciate is the stats and item analysis that are generated from the scanned papers.

While I don’t like using multiple choice for everything, I’ve liked being able to use ZipGrade to provide students with quick feedback and encourage revision.  For instance, I scanned student bubble sheets during a recent partner activity and told students which problems to revise.  I made students turn in work with their bubble sheet, so I was pleased to see students talking about missed problems and revising work before asking me to scan their papers again.  I think the students also appreciated getting to see how their score was improving with each revision.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.




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