#MTBoS30-ish Supportive Folks.

I saw Tina C. and many others talking about this #MTBoS30 thing and I thought I might as well jump on board. I was intending to post last week, but I was swamped with the end of track season (multiple 13+ hour days wears me down quickly).  Tina wrote about genuinely supportive folks in her life, which sounds like a good place to start as this school year draws to a close.

Here’s my ever-growing circle of supportive folks:

  • My family – Even when I feel like it’s been the worst of days, I can count on coming home and talking about the good and the bad with my family.  While I’ll probably be moving out at some point in the near future, it’s been nice having that support from my parents and siblings as I’ve adapted to teaching from being a student.
  • My Friends – It’s a small circle, but I am especially thankful for the friends in my life who have been there to relax with me and allow me to attempt to have a social life outside of school.
  • My Team Members – Over the past two years, I’ve been grateful to work on a team with 3 excellent teachers who I can talk to about anything and everything.  My team members helped me adjust to teaching middle school students, gave me advice about classroom and personal matters, as well as just genuinely making me feel at ease with the stresses of my first couple years.  Plus, we have fun discussing a litany of topics ranging from education to politics to the best place to get barbecue when visiting Kansas City.
  • My Colleagues – Beyond my team, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of staff members at my school who are continually positive and supportive.  These people have helped me get a handle on this teaching thing as well as helping me grow as a coach.  I also can say that I can see a passion for teaching in every teacher at my school.  They care about students and they care about teaching students more than just content.  I’m especially grateful lately for the colleagues who have already offered to share resources and ideas with me when I transition to a new grade and content next year.  When I found out I’ll be teaching 8th grade pre-algebra, science, and PE in the fall, I was a bit overwhelmed.  Within a few days, teachers were telling me about the bright side of the switch and offering to help me with the transition.
  • The #MTBoS –  I would not have been able to thrive as much as I have these first two years without the resources and support of teachers in the #MTBoS.  Whether it was reading a post or two from Matt Vaudrey’s archive or Justin Aion’s blog to lift my spirits after a terrible day, finding an activity or lesson idea, or just talking with other teachers on #msmathchat, I’ve been able to grow as a result of interacting with the people in this digital community.



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